• Research Interests


    Data-Driven Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Asymptotic Analysis, Stochastic Modeling and Optimization.


    Revenue Management and Pricing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations.

  • Employment

    University of Colorado Boulder

    Leeds School of Business

    Assistant Professor - June 2020 - Now

    Pennsylvania State University

    Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

    Assistant Professor - August 2017-May 2020

  • Education:

    Sep 2012-August 2017

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

    Advisors: Prof. Xiuli Chao and Prof. Cong Shi

    Thesis title: Data-Driven Algorithms for Stochastic Supply Chain Systems: Approximation and Online Learning

    Sep 2008-May 2012

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

    First-Class Honour




    UCB-Type Learning Algorithms with Kaplan-Meier Estimator for Lost-Sales Inventory Models with Lead Times [DOI]

    Chengyi Lyu, Huanan Zhang, and Linwei Xin 

    Forthcoming at Operations Research.

    Assortment Optimization with Multi-Item Basket Purchase under Multivariate MNL Model [DOI]

    Stefanus Jasin, Chengyi Lyu, Sajjad Najafi, and Huanan Zhang (Alphabetically ordered)

    Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 26(1), 215-232, 2024.

    * Finalist in the POMS-HK 2023 Best Student Paper Competition (entrant: Chengyi Lyu).

    * Selected for presentation in the MSOM Supply Chain Management SIG, 2023.

    An Efficient Learning Framework for Multi-Product Inventory Systems with Customer Choices [DOI]

    Xiangyu Gao and Huanan Zhang (Alphabetically ordered)

    Production and Operations Management, Vol 31, 2492-2561, 2022.

    Online Learning and Optimization for Revenue Management Problems with Add-on Discounts [DOI]

    David Simchi-Levi, Rui Sun, and Huanan Zhang (Alphabetically ordered)

    Management Science, Vol. 68(10), 7402-7421, 2022.

    Joint Learning and Optimization for Multi-product Pricing (and Ranking) under a General Cascade Click Model [DOI]

    Xiangyu Gao, Stefanus Jasin, Sajjad Najafi, and Huanan Zhang (Alphabetically ordered)

    Management Science, Vol. 68(10), 7362-7382, 2022.

    * Finalist in the POMS-JD.com 2019 Best Data-Driven Research Paper Competition.

    Online Learning and Optimization of (Some) Cyclic Pricing Policies in the Presence of Patient Customers [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang and Stefanus Jasin

    Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 24(2), 1165-1182, 2022

    Closing the Gaps: An Online Learning Algorithm for Lost-sales Inventory Systems with Lead Times [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Xiuli Chao, and Cong Shi

    Management Science, Vol. 66(5), 1962-1980, 2020.

    Technical Note - Perishable Inventory Problems: Convexity Results for Base-Stock Policies and Learning Algorithms under Censored Demand [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Xiuli Chao, and Cong Shi

    Operations Research, Vol. 66(5), 1189-1456, 2018.

    Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Perishable Inventory Systems with Positive Lead Times [DOI]

    Xiuli Chao, Xiting Gong, Cong Shi, Chaolin Yang, Huanan Zhang, and Sean X. Zhou (Alphabetically ordered)

    Management Science, Vol. 64(11), 5038-5061, 2018.

    Stochastic Regret Minimization for Revenue Management Problems with Nonstationary Demands [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Cong Shi, Chao Qin, and Cheng Hua

    Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 63(6), 433-448, 2016.

    Technical Note - Approximation Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems with Setup Cost [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Cong Shi, and Xiuli Chao

    Operations Research, Vol. 64(2), pp. 432-440, 2016.

    Approximation Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems [DOI]

    Xiuli Chao, Xiting Gong, Cong Shi, and Huanan Zhang (Alphabetically ordered)

    Operations Research, Vol. 63, no. 3, pp. 585-601, 2015.

    A Faster Algorithm for the Resource Allocation Problem with Convex Cost Functions [DOI]

    Cong Shi, Huanan Zhang, and Chao Qin

    Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Vol. 34, pp. 137-146, 2015.

    Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Stochastic Inventory Systems with Setup Costs [DOI]

    Cong Shi, Huanan Zhang, Xiuli Chao, and Retsef Levi

    Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 61, no. 4, pp. 304-319, 2014.

  • Selected Working Papers


    Asymptotic Optimality of Simple Replenishment Policies for a Lost-Sales Inventory System with Delivery Lead Time and Purchase Returns [DOI]

    Jinzhi Bu, Huanan Zhang, and Stefanus Jasin

    Under Major Revision at Management Science.

    Online Learning for Pricing in On-Demand Vehicle Sharing Networks [DOI]

    Saif Benjaafar, Xiangyu Gao, Xiaobing Shen, and Huanan Zhang (Alphabetically ordered)

    Working paper.


    Inventory Control with Censored Demand [DOI]

    Xiangyu Gao, Huanan Zhang

    In: Chen, X., Jasin, S., Shi, C. (eds) The Elements of Joint Learning and Optimization in Operations Management. Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, vol 18. Springer, Cham, 2022.

    Online Learning in Inventory and Pricing Optimization [Link]

    Xiuli Chao, Boxiao Chen, Huanan Zhang

    In: Song, J. (eds) Research Handbook on Inventory Management. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023.


    University of Colorado Boulder


    • BCOR 2206 - Principles of Operations Management (Undergraduate)
    • MBAX 6843 - Supply Chain and Operations Analytics (Graduate)
    • OPIM 7330 Data-Driven Operations Management (Graduate)

    Pennsylvania State University



    • IE 570 - Supply Chain Engineering (Graduate)

    • IE 460 - Service Systems Engineering (Undergraduate)​

    University of Michigan


    • IOE 440 Operations Analysis & Management (Undergraduate)

  • Selected HONORS, AWARDS & Grants

    • Kala and Shiv Khatri Endowed Faculty Scholar, Leeds School of Business, 2023-2025.
    • Top Reviewer Award, Operations Research Letters, 2021.
    • Kolb Teaching Award, Leeds School of Business, 2020.
    • MHI/CICMHE Research Funding Program – Start-up Grants ($22,500), 2019.
    • Finalist, POMS-JD.com 2019 Best Data-Driven Research Paper Competition, 2019.
    • IOE Outstanding Graduate Student (one recipient per year), 2017, University of Michigan
    • Niuniu Ji Scholarship - Silver Award, 2011, CUHK
    • Charles K.Kao Research Exchange Scholarship, 2010, CUHK