• Research Interests


    Data-Driven Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Asymptotic Analysis, Stochastic Modeling and Optimization.


    Revenue Management and Pricing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations.

  • Employment

    University of Colorado Boulder

    Leeds School of Business

    Assistant Professor - June 2020 - Now

    Pennsylvania State University

    Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

    Assistant Professor - August 2017-May 2020

  • Education:

    Sep 2012-August 2017

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

    Advisors: Prof. Xiuli Chao and Prof. Cong Shi

    Thesis title: Data-Driven Algorithms for Stochastic Supply Chain Systems: Approximation and Online Learning

    Sep 2008-May 2012

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

    First-Class Honour




    UCB-Type Learning Algorithms with Kaplan-Meier Estimator for Lost-Sales Inventory Models with Lead Times [DOI]

    Chengyi Lyu, Huanan Zhang, and Linwei Xin 

    Accepted at Operations Research.

    Assortment Optimization with Multi-Item Basket Purchase under Multivariate MNL Model [DOI]

    Stefanus Jasin, Chengyi Lyu, Sajjad Najafi, and Huanan Zhang (alphabetically ordered)

    Forthcoming at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

    * Finalist in the POMS-HK 2023 Best Student Paper Competition (entrant: Chengyi Lyu).

    * Selected for presentation in the MSOM Supply Chain Management SIG, 2023.

    An Efficient Learning Framework for Multi-Product Inventory Systems with Customer Choices [DOI]

    Xiangyu Gao and Huanan Zhang (alphabetically ordered)

    Production and Operations Management, Vol 31, 2492-2561, 2022.

    Online Learning and Optimization for Revenue Management Problems with Add-on Discounts [DOI]

    David Simchi-Levi, Rui Sun, and Huanan Zhang (alphabetically ordered)

    Management Science, Vol. 68(10), 7402-7421, 2022.

    Joint Learning and Optimization for Multi-product Pricing (and Ranking) under a General Cascade Click Model [DOI]

    Xiangyu Gao, Stefanus Jasin, Sajjad Najafi, and Huanan Zhang (alphabetically ordered)

    Management Science, Vol. 68(10), 7362-7382, 2022.

    * Finalist in the POMS-JD.com 2019 Best Data-Driven Research Paper Competition.

    Online Learning and Optimization of (Some) Cyclic Pricing Policies in the Presence of Patient Customers [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang and Stefanus Jasin

    Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 24(2), 1165-1182, 2022

    Closing the Gaps: An Online Learning Algorithm for Lost-sales Inventory Systems with Lead Times [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Xiuli Chao, and Cong Shi

    Management Science, Vol. 66(5), 1962-1980, 2020.

    Technical Note - Perishable Inventory Problems: Convexity Results for Base-Stock Policies and Learning Algorithms under Censored Demand [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Xiuli Chao, and Cong Shi

    Operations Research, Vol. 66(5), 1189-1456, 2018.

    Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Perishable Inventory Systems with Positive Lead Times [DOI]

    Xiuli Chao, Xiting Gong, Cong Shi, Chaolin Yang, Huanan Zhang, and Sean X. Zhou (alphabetically ordered)

    Management Science, Vol. 64(11), 5038-5061, 2018.

    Stochastic Regret Minimization for Revenue Management Problems with Nonstationary Demands [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Cong Shi, Chao Qin, and Cheng Hua

    Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 63(6), 433-448, 2016.

    Technical Note - Approximation Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems with Setup Cost [DOI]

    Huanan Zhang, Cong Shi, and Xiuli Chao

    Operations Research, Vol. 64(2), pp. 432-440, 2016.

    Approximation Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems [DOI]

    Xiuli Chao, Xiting Gong, Cong Shi, and Huanan Zhang (alphabetically ordered)

    Operations Research, Vol. 63, no. 3, pp. 585-601, 2015.

    A Faster Algorithm for the Resource Allocation Problem with Convex Cost Functions [DOI]

    Cong Shi, Huanan Zhang, and Chao Qin

    Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Vol. 34, pp. 137-146, 2015.

    Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Stochastic Inventory Systems with Setup Costs [DOI]

    Cong Shi, Huanan Zhang, Xiuli Chao, and Retsef Levi

    Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 61, no. 4, pp. 304-319, 2014.

  • Selected Working Papers

    (Ph.D. supervises.)

    Asymptotic Optimality of Simple Replenishment Policies for a Lost-Sales Inventory System with Delivery Lead Time and Purchase Returns [DOI]

    Jinzhi Bu, Huanan Zhang, and Stefanus Jasin

    Under Major Revision at Management Science.

    Online Learning for Pricing in On-Demand Vehicle Sharing Networks [DOI]

    Saif Benjaafar, Xiangyu Gao, Xiaobing Shen, and Huanan Zhang (alphabetically ordered)

    Working paper.

    Assortment and Price Optimization under MNL Model with Price Range Effect

    Stefanus Jasin, Chengyi Lyu, Huanan Zhang, and Andrew Vakhutinsky.

    Working paper.


    Inventory Control with Censored Demand [DOI]

    Xiangyu Gao, Huanan Zhang

    In: Chen, X., Jasin, S., Shi, C. (eds) The Elements of Joint Learning and Optimization in Operations Management. Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, vol 18. Springer, Cham, 2022.

    Online Learning in Inventory and Pricing Optimization [Link]

    Xiuli Chao, Boxiao Chen, Huanan Zhang

    In: Song, J. (eds) Research Handbook on Inventory Management. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023.


    University of Colorado Boulder


    • BCOR 2206 - Principles of Operations Management (Undergraduate)
    • MBAX 6843 - Supply Chain and Operations Analytics (Graduate)
    • OPIM 7330 Data-Driven Operations Management (Graduate)

    Penn State



    • IE 570 - Supply Chain Engineering (Graduate)

    • IE 460 - Service Systems Engineering (Undergraduate)​

    University of Michigan


    • IOE 440 Operations Analysis & Management (Undergraduate)

  • Selected HONORS, AWARDS & Grants

    • Kala and Shiv Khatri Endowed Faculty Scholar, Leeds School of Business, 2023-2025.
    • Top Reviewer Award, Operations Research Letters, 2021.
    • Kolb Teaching Award, Leeds School of Business, 2020.
    • MHI/CICMHE Research Funding Program – Start-up Grants ($22,500), 2019.
    • Finalist, POMS-JD.com 2019 Best Data-Driven Research Paper Competition, 2019.
    • IOE Outstanding Graduate Student (one recipient per year), 2017, University of Michigan
    • Niuniu Ji Scholarship - Silver Award, 2011, CUHK
    • Charles K.Kao Research Exchange Scholarship, 2010, CUHK